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Beads broke easy

I have bought many for my friends kids, but for some reason this one had a few fragile beads that broke... it was for a teething newborn

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for writing and I'm so sorry about that. As useful as it is, Baltic amber is also fairly fragile. It's possible that something happened to it in transit that more than one bead in a row was cracked like that. :/

But we have a 90 day warranty on all of our products, if you write to us at with your order number we'll get you a free replacement ASAP! :)

Thanks again,


Must have

My sweet 3rd baby girl just isn’t the best teether , but this came to our rescue .


I don't know what the difference is between the dark amber and the yellow amber, but for me, the dark amber did not work as well as the yellow.

That is 100% correct, the lighter the color of the amber, the more releative succinc acid 'power' it has. Dark Cognac is going to be perhaps half as powerful as the yellow & white Milk & Butter / Super Butter beads.

Great item

Love it

I’m not sure it works but willing to buy again

I’ve had a flare up on my hands that started during pregnancy and progressively got worse postpartum. I figured I’d give this a try. Before I received the bracelet, I had already started taking skin supplements that I had previously taken and knew would help improve symptoms so my hands were already starting to heal. I do like the way to bracelet looks and after only 2-3 days of wearing it, I did notice the inside part of the hazel beads started turning brown. I have 2 kids under 2 and the bracelet has held up to stretching by the kids but I wouldn’t let them play with it too long ;) I would need to try the hazelwood in isolation from the supplements to see if they make a difference but I would def buy again for the aesthetic natural look of the jewelry.

Hi Dymond,

Thanks for the review, with skin issues such as eczema, you'll know for sure if it's helping only after 2-3 weeks of 24/7 wear. If it doensn't help after week three of continous skin contact (and getitng wet every day or two in the bath or shower) then it's very unlikely to help after that point. It'll still be useful for heartburn / reflux though, works almost 100% of the time for those symptoms.

That said, keep the hazelwood on and make a final determination after week 3. And of course if you have any questions just write us! :)

Thanks again,


Not satisfied with quality

I bought these teething necklaces for my 22 month old & 6 year old. They both broke within a couple of days.

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for writing and I’m so sorry about that. We have a 90 day warranty on all of our items that protects against defects and / or damage. Please email us at so we can troubleshoot this for you! :)

Thanks again,


Many family members and spreading the word

Bought several bracelets for my husband and necklace for my Dad. Dad into longer complains about his scalp issues.


This is the 3rd child I've bought a necklace for and every time it just works. I recommend them to everyone

Baltic Amber and super butter

I bought three necklaces and I haven’t noticed any improvement yet but I know It takes time I have high hopes for the teething one. My only problem is I find the **** on the 18in butter very difficult and I would like to exchange it for an insert one please. Thank you

I'm so sorry to hear that the clasp isn't working well. If you'd like to explore an exchange you can write us at

Love the customer service

I am so pleased with their customer service. They are very helpful and respond quickly. We got a defective necklace and they replaced it right away.
I bought a necklace and a bracelet and they are very lightweight. I can’t wait to see the result for my son’s skin and acid reflux for myself. Thank you.


Just received my second one! They help me with my eczema! I ordered this purple one and although it’s beautiful, it isn’t quite like the photo shows. But it’s still purple! Love the Hazelwood. Miracle worker and I never take it off. I wear it constantly for a good 8-9 months and it helps with rashes and acid reflux. Will be ordering again!

Glad you love it! But yes, each of the natural gemstones are highly unique and so that center bead especially is going to vary, but always round-ish and purple. :)

Of course if ever you receive an item and don't like the final look, we'll swap it out for you for free.

Wonderful quality

Wonderful quality, fast shipping, and truly helps with eczema

Hazel-Amber Honey
Monica L.
wood broke

wood bead broke after a week

Hi Monica,

Thanks for writign us, that's definately not supposed to happen. We have a 90 day warranty on all of products, please email us at with your order number so we can look at sending a replacement! :)

Thanks again,


Must have!

All my kids have used these! Going back for another for #4! Thank goodness for trusted companies

Hazel wood Violet Flower

My daughter wore the necklace for a few days and then it had broken and fallen off…

Hi Harleigh,

Thanks for contacting us and I'm so sorry that happened. We have a 90 day warranty, please email us with your order number so that we can look at sending a replacement.

Thanks again! :)


Skeptic gone believer

At first I was honestly skeptical as to if this necklace would work, but I decided to try it after 2 sleepless nights. The first night baby girl’s sleep went back to her normal! The second night she did wake up more but was much more consolable than the nights previously when she wasn’t wearing the necklace (I wrap it loosely around her ankle for night time)! She is getting her first top tooth so I did not expect all discomfort to go away completely, as I can imagine the first tooth to break through is the worst. I will definitely continuing using this necklace through her teething months!

Lasted me a decade!

I originally ordered my children Hazelwood and amber necklaces for teething and eczema. I loved how they helped and the quality that I bought one for myself. I wore it almost everyday for around 10 years, only removing it when going in the water. The necklace itself is actually still perfect, just the screw clasp ended up cracking. I bought a replacement from a different company and it broke in less then 2 months. So I will def be ordering myself a new one soon. It's 100% worth it.

Beautiful and Medicinal

I have ordered many Amber Necklaces through Baltic Amber and I will continue to do so. I also recommend to everyone who could benefit. This particular pattern is one of my all time favorites.

Love it!

I absolutely love this. it helped my baby with teething and i am amazed. I can tell when my baby isn't wearing this as the change in mood is drastic. I cannot wait to order another one.

Lowered my THS, healing my Thyroid

I have tested the use of my necklace time an again over the last 3 yrears both with blood tests for my thyroid and inflammation observation of my accupuncturist and each time I regularly wear it my results are good/improved and when I don't it is poor! My doctor is starting to share my story with her other patients!

Matches so much

I wear this necklace or another hazel or Amber necklace nearly everyday. I love them and red, blue, green or tourqoise match near all my outfits.

Beautiful and matches so much!

Necklace I wear most frequently. Matches so much and is attractive and healing to boot.

helps me sleep

Seems to help me sleep and looks great and natural with my outfits.


Looks great with my outfits and healing in process.

Best amber necklaces out there!

I’ve bought a ridiculous number of these because every time my kids lose one, break one, WHATEVER, the wheels fall off around here. I’ll admit, before I tried them I thought it was a bit out there but if you’re desperate enough you’ll try anything, right? GET THEM. Get the necklaces, get backups, just keep them on hand. Teething and sleeping are entirely different for us (1year old and 3 year old) with them on. My toddler has been wearing his since he was 5 months old and still doesn’t want to be without it.