Frequently Asked Questions

Baltic Amber lasts longer if you’re careful to not break beads or expose it to soaps, lotions, or any other oils. But if there are ANY acidity issues such as eczema, acid reflux, frequent rashes, then you’ll want to go with hazelwood. It’ll help with teething just as well. Tap Here to learn more specifically about Baltic Amber. Tap Here to learn more specifically about Hazelwood.

Yes you can! The succinic ‘acid’ that Baltic Amber releases into your skin is actually an ‘alkalinizing’ acid, like lemon juice. So it’ll work in tandem with your hazelwood, not cancel each other out. We do not, however, recommend wearing more than one necklace at a time. Because the child sized necklaces are designed with a safety release that opens up in the event of it getting caught on something (to prevent choking), wearing two necklaces would cut in half the weight-stress placed on each necklace and might impede the safety mechanism from doing its job. Instead, we suggest you try a hazel-amber necklace (with some of each substance) or using one of them as a necklace and the other as a bracelet or anklet (by wrapping it twice around the desired extremity).

Baltic Amber generally works for most everyone and you should feel some pain relief within a half hour or so, but for full effect, give it at least an hour to warm up. Some conditions continue to improve with consistent wear. Hazelwood may take up to three weeks of 24/7 skin contact for the full effect to be seen as it slowly balances the acid levels in your body. If after three weeks of continuous contact with your skin you don’t see any improvement, it is likely that your condition isn’t acid-based and we'd recommend investigating food allergies as a potential cause of your symptoms.

We don't offer size recommendations, just because everyone is different (if you've ever bought children's clothes you know just how true this is, sizes are kind of silly). Instead we recommend using a tape measure (or just a string and ruler) to measure wherever you're planning on putting the jewelry. Usually this means neck size, ideally for adults you're going to want it to be long enough that it stays under your collar so that skin contact is maintained. For a younger child you're going to want to make sure there's enough room to get a couple of fingers in there (so it's not too tight) but not so large that they can get it up over their chin and chew on it. Also there is less chance of getting caught on something and triggering the safety mechanism (which usually means it's not wearable).

No. While the additional amber may help decrease pain somewhat, these are still primarily hazelwood necklaces and should be viewed as such.

All of our inventory restocked on a pretty regular frequency. You can be automatically updated the moment we restock our system by filling in your email or mobile number to the 'notify me' form. This will not subscribe you to any kind of list, it is only for this one notification. We also post on Facebook whenever we restock a particular category of item, you can like / follow us for updates.

No, we do not take special orders at this time.

The best way to keep tabs on our promotions is by (see form at the bottom of this page).

Your code can be entered in the cart at checkout, though where the code box appears depends on if you're on a desktop or mobile view. Tap Here to see guided screenshots of each.

No, the system will only accept one at a time. However if you have a gift card code or a loyalty points redemption code, we can apply that manually on top of a sale code. Just contact us at

Yes! Tap Here to learn all about it. :)

We take all major credit cards, as well as PayPal. We don't have the ability to take orders over the phone, and don't have access to your credit card number even after your place an order through our website.

No, but what we can do is take any additional orders you've placed and bundle them to ship together (and refund you after the fact for any duplicate S&H). This is the best way to add to your order, and it guarantees that the inventory you select gets taken out of stock so no one else snags it while you're in communication with us. Just email us to let us know that you'd like the two orders bundled, and as long as the first one hasn't gone out (you'd have a shipping confirmation if it did usually) then we should be good.

Our system limits the size of International orders. If you'd like to get more items you can do this by breaking your order down into smaller amounts. Each will ship separately. We also HIGHLY recommend getting the insurance that will be offered you just prior to checkout, or you can find it directly by tapping here.

We usually ship out all orders within 2-3 business days, depending on the time of day when the order is placed. U.S. orders take 3-5 days to arrive, so parcels usually arrive within a week. Canadian orders can take from 2-9 days depending on how far you are from a major city center. International orders may take much longer, depending on local delivery services and customs. Tap here for more detailed shipping information.

Yes, we offer insurance and we HIGHLY recommend it for International orders (outside of North America), though some countries are excluded. You can add insurance to your order here.

Yes we do! :)  We will happily replace any broken item at a 40% discount (about at-cost for us), regardless of the reason of it breaking. We know how frustrating it can be to have something break and don't want to profit off of replacement items.

We offer a full 90 day replacement for defect, so if it arrives broken or breaks due to a manufacturing issue, just let us know and we'll send a replacement to you immediately. :)  In some cases we may ask if you're willing to return the broken / defective piece so we can return it to the relevant supplier for a rebate on our end or so we can inspect the reason for failure. If that's the case we'll first send you a replacement so that you can use the same packaging to return the item and we'll cover the return postage. Ideally don't send anything to us without contacting us first for instructions as we have separate return addresses for the US and Canada. Learn more here.

The reason we do not include a certificate of authenticity is because there is no central certifying body in the world for Baltic amber, so anyone who is giving those out is basically typing them up on their computer and printing them off. To us that feels shady, so we don't do it. :) That said, all of products are 100% Guaranteed authentic, meaning if you're not convinced of it's authenticity, we will happily accept it as a return for a full refund. All of our Baltic amber comes directly from Lithuania, we test every shipment, and we have a long and trusted relationship with our supplier. In fact, we made a visit to Lithuania to check out their operations in person and you can see pictures from our visit! (tap here)

All real Baltic amber comes out of the ground in only a small range of light colors (other than the green ones which are pretty dark to begin with). In order to get all of the other colors of amber (cognac, dark cognac, dark cherry, etc.) they must be slightly heated or pressurized (with an autoclave) or both.  We learned more about this process when we went to Lithuania to visit the workshop where our amber is made. You can see pictures of the machines that they use to do this process on this page.

The jewelry can last anywhere from three to twelve months before becoming fully saturated depending on each person's level of acidity. At that point you’ll notice a resurgence in your symptoms as your body tries to readjust. First-timers may use up their initial necklace much faster as their acidity levels are higher, sometimes in just a few weeks. Subsequent jewelry should last progressively longer each time.

First check that your order actually went through, you should see a bank withdrawal, credit card charge, or if you used a PayPal account, check your transactions.  If it went through, the next thing to check is the address we received as the ‘ship to’ address. Once in a while the address we get is out-of-date, you should be able to see that in your confirmation email. If all that checks out on your end please contact us ASAP so we can check into things from our end! :)

Yes, at this stage we have tracking for all U.S. and International parcels. You can track a U.S. package here. However due to high postage rates, we do not have tracking within Canada.

Yes you can! Tap Here to read more about how to host a co-op.

Depending on the size of your audience we have different offers we can make, please contact us at to find out more.

Check the dropdown options under the FAQ in the navigation menu for additional topics, and if you still have unanswered questions please write us at We try and respond to everyone within 24 hours and usually a lot faster, except on weekends. We try and spend that time with our kids. :)