Our 'Every Natural Remedy' ebook* collection features every natural remedy our team could find on the Internet for some of the common issues that plague our customers: Eczema, Acid Reflux, and Teething pain.

Sure you could go and spend the rest of the day digging through the Internet, but instead we're offering a finished-product that does that work for you, as well as give you footnotes to the original sources, and for many items, a direct link to find it on Amazon, meaning you can go from ebook to remedy in just two days with their rapid shipping options. 

Now in their 2nd Edition, these are fully revised, expanded, and updated! :)

Use the links below to read more about each ebook!

*NOTE - eBook is short for 'electronic book', meaning it's a computer file that you'll have an opportunity to download digitally immediately after you complete your purchase. It will not be 'shipped' to you in the mail, instead you will see a download button on the order confirmation page and also receive an email with a download link.

Have trouble finding your ebook? Please email us at contact@hazelaid.com

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