Hazelwood Testimonials

Hazelwood Testimonials
This is how bad Korbin's Eczema was one year ago after spending $1000's on Dr.'s, Creams, Lotions, Harmful prescriptions (in the long term), he would scratch til he bled...NIGHTMARE....I was at my wits end on how to help my sweet baby, so I started searching the internet and found these necklaces Made from Hazelwood & read nothing but good things about how it helped others with eczema. $17 and cute? Hmm worth a shot. So I ordered one from Hazelaid and after 2 weeks .....the pics and smile speak for themselves!!! We are now on our 2nd necklace and while he has some areas on his hands and one leg, these necklaces have changed this sweet babies life and our families lives! Thank you sooooo much from a very very happy toddler and mama! 
Korbin & Nikkie, Arkansas


I wanted to show you a before and after of my son (see below).  He had such bad rashes on his face, and chin.  He also had very bad eczema on his legs and arms.  He would scratch so much and it would hurt him so much...it was even worse than this picture, it scabbed over and was just so hard to even look at :( 
Hazelwood Testimonials   
I was told about these necklaces, so I ordered one a few months ago.  The difference is incredible...Within about 2 days of putting it on him, the rash and bumps and eczema on his legs disappeared.  Anyways, I don’t want to take it off and will continue to order them as he uses them up.  I just love what it has done for him and I am telling all (I mean all) of my friends and family about it.  I just bought one for myself and my cousin. 
Thanks a lot,
Tirzah, BC


Hazelwood Testimonials 
My daughter started to develop red spots on her cheeks when she was about 4 months old.  By the time she was 6 months, her eczema had gotten ten times worse.  Her cheeks would itch, which would cause her to scratch them and then they would bleed and ooze puss.  She also had developed large scabs on the back of her head.  We had tried every lotion and cream we could think of, but nothing worked.  Someone suggested your website and I figured, why not?  Within a week of putting on one of your hazelwood necklaces, her skin started healing up.  Within a month, her cheeks were clear and all the scabs on her head were gone!  The difference is amazing!  We get asked all the time about her necklace and what finally worked for her eczema.  I tell everyone about your company and recommend you to anyone that asks. Thank you so much for making these amazing products!!!!!
Sara, Minnesota


Hazelwood Testimonials

I just wanted to email & let you know how excited & thankful I am to have had your site shared with me. My son has suffered from severe eczema since he was 2. We have tried all the expensive creams & doctor visits never gave any relief either. We even had allergy testing & shots. I purchased one of your necklaces & within 24 hours could tell a big difference. After a week, most of the spots had almost cleared up. It's been 3 weeks now & I need to take updated pictures. It's almost completely clear! It is an amazing product & I am going to suggest it to everyone I know! I have attached pictures of the difference a week made. Thank you so much & he will be wearing your necklaces from now on! Sincerely, 

Rachel, South Carolina


legs before and after

I wish I could post my picture here.(NOTE - We asked if we could repost Margie's review on this page so that we could include the aforementioned picture, you can see the original product review here.) I was very skeptical, but my 4 y/o son's skin was SO irritated with eczema and we couldn't get in to see the dermatologist. The backs of his knees, elbows, and ankles were HORRIBLY red and itchy. I took a picture immediately after we put on the necklace (and free bracelet - used as anklet) on Sunday night. I took another picture on Tuesday night at the exact same time and the results were amazing. Though his skin isn't 100% back to normal, it's about 90%. My husband is now wearing the bracelet because of his eczema in his hair and he says his is getting better too! We did have to extend the length of the necklace (11") because I didn't measure before I ordered. But, I've already placed an order for a longer necklace so we might double up and let him wear two. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I actually stopped filing out the paperwork for the dermatologist, no more steroids!!! THANK YOU!

Margie, Alabama

I have tears in my eyes as I write this.  My little girl is 13 months old and has had severe, severe eczema and numerous skin infections since she was about 4 months old.  Her skin has never been like a baby's, even with the extensive rub downs and different prescription treatments.  No matter the weather, she has to always be in long pants to prevent her from scratching and opening her wounds and spreading them further.  About 40-50% of her body was covered in thick, nasty scales. She has been wearing her hazelwood necklace for a week and a half now and her skin discoloration is gone.  Her scales have dramatically reduced in size and thickness.  She is definitely not as itchy.  Her skin is clearing up and FINALLY, after 9 months of hell, looking how it should. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, TEN THOUSAND TIMES, THANK YOU! I will definitely keep coming back, seeing as we've tried EVERYTHING, and this is the only thing to work!


OK shock and awe is all I have to say.  I was VERY VERY VERY skeptical that this would work at all and I think other people in my family still thinks its "something else" we did.  But I am here to tell you it seems to be working wonders.  The first time I used it I put the necklace around Luke's ankle at night while he slept.  The next morning my husband and I noticed a drastic improvement.  Later that day he did flare up a bit but we kept the necklace on and every morning since he wakes up almost completely eczema free.  I cannot believe it.  I am going to purchase more next week so I am never without one.  I have a dermatologist appointment tomorrow and I think they are going to ask me WHAT ECZEMA??? THANK YOU THANK YOU for helping to relieve the discomfort of my 6 mth old baby boy!!  I will post on the testimonials and on FB my miraculous results!!
Amy and Baby Luke, Florida


I just wanted to say Thank You. My son has had eczema since the day he was born. He is now 2 1/2 and we’ve been going up and down with some creams working for a little while then stopping. I put his new necklace on last night and woke up this morning after only 12 hours and almost ALL of the bumps on his back and neck are gone. He also suffered from acid reflux for he first 6 months of his life, I really wish I would’ve known about your product then instead of having him on unnecessary prescription medications. We’ve also been struggling with constipation issues with him since he was born as well, he is currently on laxatives daily but I am very curious to see if this necklace helps with that issue and hopefully be able to take him off of those harsh laxatives at some point. Once again thank you, I will be telling everyone I know about your product.
Roslyn, British Columbia


I'm a 55 year old male and about 2 years ago I ended up with eczema.  I don't know how much money I spent at the doctor's office (A LOT).  Anyway to make a long story short, one day I loocked it up and ended up on your web site.  I thought well this is crazy but whats $20.00 more and ordered a necklace.  Well I was the one that was wrong.  I have been wearing one ever since because within about 3 weeks my eczema was gone and I had it really bad over my entire body.  I don't know how they work and really do not care, I just know that they do and have told all of my friends about them.  I have to get a new one about every 5 to 6 months but I could not go to the doctor one time for what it cost me for 2 or 3 of the necklaces a year so please do not ever quit selling them.  I just want to say thank you and tell you how much I appreciate what you do. 
Thanks again, 


I wanted to let you know how well my little boy has responded to the Hazelwood & Amber necklaces I bought from you for him.  When he was born we had issues with colic and digestive discomfort from the very beginning.  As he got older we saw mild improvement but when we started him on solids his pains came back.  His sleep - which had never been particularly good! -  became incredibly bad.  His day sleeps were very unsettled and at night he was waking every 1-2 hours, sometimes even every 40 minutes.  The poor little guy had never managed to sleep longer than 4 hours in a row in his whole life and I was becoming so sleep deprived too.  I was desperate for something to help him. I knew he was in pain but the nurses & doctors I spoke to said there was nothing wrong.  I even had a nurse tell me that it was my parenting style that had created his poor sleep habits and my only resolution was to implement Controlled Crying. That was NEVER going to happen!  A friend mentioned to me the possibility of my son suffering Silent Reflux, and as I researched the condition I stumbled upon your website.  I thought, what have I got to lose?  Not more sleep, that was for sure!!  My order arrived in record time, making it from Canada to Australia in under 1 week.  I put the necklaces on and he is a different child.  I cannot express to you how grateful I am!  I have gone from a child who would wake nearly every hour to a child who sleeps through the night in 5 days.  My husband was a little skeptical but after 3 nights of undisturbed sleep in a row he was starting to come round.  After 5 nights he has said to buy some spare necklaces in case something happens to the ones we have!  Our son is so much happier and playful.  I've never heard him laugh by himself before (we always had to make stupid faces & noises to get a belly laugh) but now he giggles away to himself all day.  It's so beautiful to see.  Thank you so very much.  I'll be recommending your products to everyone who will listen.
Kind Regards,
Sheelagh, Australia


This is actually my second time ordering.  I ordered the Amber Necklace and the Hazelwood and Magnetic bracelet last time and ADORE them!!  I've never had anything help with my excessive acid like this!  I wasn't even able to go to the store or out to the park with my son without worrying about running to the bathroom because of an upset stomach due to acid.  These took care of that problem completely.  I have been able to eat and go out with my family without the worry of where the closest bathroom is for the first time in 7 years!!!!  My bracelet is now losing it's affect, so time for a new one :-)  The poor flesh of the wood is all completely black!!  I also ordered one for my Dad this time :-)  I was referred to you all from a friend for my headaches.  It helped with that, but the help with my stomach is priceless!  And your prices are wonderful, not only is your jewelry helpful, but it's beautiful too.  My Dad saw my bracelet and the super-magnet that holds it together and I just had to get one for him!  He's lost every magnetic bracelet he's had because the clasps break, you definitely don't have to worry about that with these!!  They are strong and beautiful, thank you so much for that! I've recommended them to so many people now!!  I know my mother’s best friend ordered for almost everyone for Christmas from you because of my recommendation!  Thanks for the products!!!  You make my life so much easier and happier!
Angela, West Virginia 


I LOVE my 20” necklace!
I have had it about 2-3 weeks.
I have not had acid reflux since I started wearing it.
I had a bit of indigestion just one evening and that didn't last long.
Constance, Kansas


I have previously ordered (twice) and placed another order today.  I have had such amazing results that I have now bought them for my daughter, grandson and mother.  We all suffer from acid reflux.  My daughter and grandson (8 years old) suffer from migraines and eczema.  My grandson from psoriasis.  Being skeptical I ordered for myself first and after unbelievable results ordered for them.  
I originally noticed the necklace in a picture sent to me by a friend of her baby wearing the necklace.  When I commented how cute she looked in her “new jewelry” she told me what it was for (acid reflux, very bad eczema and teething).  I immediately went on your site (supplied by my friend) and ordered for myself.  She is now ordering for her husband as I have told them how well I have done with my acid reflux – he was also very skeptical – I was a good judge for him to base his trying them out.  I am now eating foods I have not touched in years, with NO ill effects at all.
Thanks for the help.
Sharon, New York 


Thank you so much. You have been so helpful and you have great customer service! I am very happy I found you! And yes my son has been spitting up a lot less. It seems his tummy problems have gone away as well. I showed the necklace to my his Dr. yesterday and he was very intrigued. Told me to let him know how it goes with it.
Danielle, Minnesota
I got [a hazelwood necklace] for my daughter who has VERY bad eczema and within a few days it cleared up.  When I take it off (like for church once or twice) it comes back within a day. It is a lifesaver for us.  It lasted about 8 months and then her eczema started coming back so I ordered a new one and within a day of getting the new one her eczema cleared up again.  I also have one with magnets and hazelwood and one with amber and hazelwood as well as an amber necklace for headaches.  I think they all work great. Severine at Hazelaid is fantastic also!  Couldn’t be better customer service!
Candace, Washington


My son is six years old and on his first birthday he got a fever blister that covered his entire top lip.  Ever since then we have tried every over the counter product and herbal medicine that we could get our hands on. NOTHING WORKED!  He also has eczema and while searching the Internet one day, looking for some sort of relief for my little guy, I stumbled upon these necklaces.  I won't lie, I didn't actually think that they would work...nothing else had.  Even though I was skeptical, I got two.  One for him and one for my baby girl.  Her eczema was so bad that she was miserable and crying, constantly.  It took less three days of wearing the necklace for my son’s eczema to start clearing up and a week for my daughters to go away completely!  Not only that, but since my son put it on, he hasn't had a single fever blister.  I know it works, I have seen it for myself, and I LOVE how these necklaces have changed our lives!!!!


I've tried endless creams, ointments and diet changes, you name it, to help clear up my son's eczema when a friend mentioned Hazelaid.  For less than $20 I was definitely up for trying it out! Within a week and a half the results were drastic.  His scaly skin was gone as well as the red patches all over his face, to feel his baby soft skin again was a great gift.  I just finished my second order for my older kids' necklaces.  To my disappointment I pulled a classic Mom move and ordered the wrong size in one necklace.  Hazelaid was gracious enough to offer many alternatives from exchanges to a percentage off an additional necklace so I could keep this smaller one for my baby.  They've never failed to give me a great buying experience.  I've received many compliments on the "cool" necklace my son wears and I'm always happy to tell them just how "cool" it really is.  Thank you so much for your fantastic products and customer service!!  
Vanessa, Florida


I placed an order today for 4 new necklaces.  I love the new line with stones and the amber. Before wearing the necklace, my son had red eczema patches on his face, and a little on his legs...and his skin felt bumpy in areas. After wearing it for a short time, his skin completely cleared up and became smooth.  The little red patches around his mouth and chin recently started to reappear.  I checked the sides of the beads, and sure enough, they were dark!  So I've ordered him another necklace, and I'm sure his skin will clear up again right away.  It's really an amazing natural cure. My sister just had a baby, so I ordered one for her.  And I ordered a couple extra for the baby that I have on the way - due late March... and an extra one for back up!
Marnie, California


I have 2 beautiful daughters (4 ½ and 7)  who have had the misfortune of being stricken with severe eczema since birth.  From the beginning the doctors told us that they would outgrow it and that we just needed to “manage it” by  applying prescription medications twice daily (meds that will thin their skin and *may* cause cancer).  Nothing seemed to work and my girls were suffering physically and psychologically (they were the object of lots of playground teasing).  I’ve tried it all from prescription meds to lotions and creams to herbs in their milk.  My youngest daughters’ skin looked as if we had dragged her across the pavement and there had been times that the doctors wanted to hospitalize her because her skin had gotten so infected.  Then in April of this year a friend of ours told us about the Hazelwood necklaces and having tried everything else regardless of cost, I immediately placed an order with renewed hope.  Well, I am here to tell you that 2 weeks after my girls started wearing these necklaces their eczema was nearly gone!  Even their doctors are amazed and have started researching the necklaces.  Try it!  What do you have to lose?
Laura, Texas


My 7 month old daughter had a big patch of eczema (the size of a quarter) on the side of her face since she was only a couple of weeks old.  Her pediatrician told me I could treat it with Cortisone cream but I just didn't want to put that on her skin.  A friend of mine told me about Hazelaid necklaces so I thought I would give it a try first.  Within a week of wearing the necklace the spot was gone.  At first I thought it might just be a coincidence but when I removed the necklace one day to take her for a swim I forgot to put it back on.  A week later I realized the spot had come back on her face and remembered the necklace!  I quickly put the necklace back on and it was completely gone in two days. Needless to say I'm going to be keeping her beautiful necklace on her for good! Thanks so much for a FANTASTIC product!!!
Denise, California


My son has suffered several different allergy and other strange reactions and breakouts since birth.  He also had a bad case of acid reflux.  A friend with a child with similar symptoms gave me a necklace to try.  I was skeptical at first, but was completely convinced after just one day.  I have spent well over $2000.00 in doctor bills and the costly medicines with no results.  So for spending so little on this, it was unbelievable.  His face had been broke out for a week when we put it on him, and to my surprise the next morning his face was clear.  This was the first time in four years he did not look like his face was covered in these ring worm looking patches as well as his legs and arms.  Then one day we looked and his face was a mess again, my thoughts were “it was good while it lasted”.  We then checked and his necklace was gone, he had lost it working in the woods with his grandfather.  Bless his heart he was so saddened that his face was a mess again and was burning him, but that was short lived for when I quickly reordered him a necklace all was well again.  I am a true believer and will certainly refer others as well.  I suffer tooth decay and have ordered myself a bracelet.  I will let you know my results, but as for my son it has been a true blessing.  
Danette Venters, Georgetown, South Carolina


This is actually my second time ordering.  We love your necklace!  Our baby had a lot of issues with colic and eczema when he was only a few months old.  I had heard about the benefits of Hazelwood for these types of ailments and I was excited when I found your website.  We noticed a difference in his behaviour shortly after he started wearing the necklace.  He was much calmer in the evening, he even started sleeping through the night.  He will never be without one!  This will be his third necklace.  This time I have also ordered a few for my friends that have just delivered their babies, as well as one for my older son.
I recommend it to everyone I know!
Cindy (Director of Ultrasound- EFW Radiology), Alberta, Canada


I bought my first necklace only about 6 months ago and already need another.  The pieces are shrunken and very dark.  But my symptoms of psoriasis are very much reduced.  I also had asked your opinion on an amber necklace for my mom and helping her pain after neck surgery and ordered one for her.  She is also reaping the benefits from your products.  Thank you so much!  I'm hoping the necklace will help through the Maine winter as that's when my symptoms with psoriasis are the worst!!  My thanks and appreciation!
Katie, Maine


We love Hazelaid!  Your products are amazing.  My 5 month old son has been wearing his during the day and I have seen results.  I had some bad eczema but once he started wearing it it started to clear up.  I have also been wearing the anklet and have noticed results!  Hazelaid also has great customer service!  One of my pieces of jewelry did happen to break, but I got in contact with Hazelaid and they immediately sent me a replacement at no charge.  They are great to deal with, just wonderful!  I plan on purchasing from them for several years to come!
Thank you so much! My daughter and I have been impressed with your products...in fact my daughter stopped wearing her necklace for a while then realized how unwell she felt and put it back on (along with mine – she wanted to feel well quick!!!) and hasn’t taken it off since. She used to wake up every morning sniffling and that seems to be gone!
Kylie, Australia

Thank you for your service, your responses have been quick, the products (as per catalogue) look great, the prices are awesome!! And your customer service has been terrific!  I do know lots of moms that have children who suffer from eczema, so I will make sure I pass along your site, and put in a good word. 
C. B., Alberta, Canada


I received the necklaces I ordered from ya'll!  I was so excited to see how they looked.  They are awesome.  Ya'll do such a great job.  The main reason I ordered them was for my son.  He's 6 months old and has numerous unexplained health/behavioral issues. We've had a lot of testing, and tried several homeopathic remedies at the instruction of our Dr.  Nothing has helped.  When I read about all the wonderful qualities of hazelwood and amber I really wanted to see what it did for him.  I really expected it to take quite a few days before I noticed any difference (if any at all).  He wore his necklace all day long and he has been a different child.  He's calm and happy, content and alert (things he has never been in his 6 months of life). I wish we had tried this 4 months ago when we first noticed problems.  I also ordered necklaces for the rest of my family.  The jury is still out on me, I suffer from chronic migraines, so I'm giving it a week or two before I give it my thumbs up.  But so far I feel really good.  Thank you SO much!
Holly, Texas



My husband said he can almost make a fist lately, after wearing your hazelwood/amber bracelet (with small hematite beads); he has not been able to make a fist with his stiff ring finger for several months.  He works with his hands; it’s been hard.  This makes us very happy.  My arthritis in my fingers and wrist has been largely absent since I’ve worn my Hazelaid amber bracelet.   I will, at some point, be ordering another bracelet from you for my other wrist.  My children both are wearing hazelwood necklaces and their sensitive skin seems to be smoothing.  That’s lovely; it’s so hard to see your little ones with skin issues.  My own Hazelaid amber necklace is beautiful, functional and helpful, I think, with reducing muscle tension pain, and therefore, headache pain.  I even notice a feeling of wellness—an absence of some of the niggling pains I had accepted as the cost of getting older.  That was unanticipated.  I am looking forward to my new Amber Island necklace coming so I might have a little “dressier” one for date night.  J  Frankly, I don’t want to lose the amber’s benefits by even taking it off for a few hours.  I love all our family’s Hazelaid and Amber Island jewelry; I greatly appreciate the efficiency of form and function combined.  And—they please my eyes.  Thank you. Thank you from my family, to yours—

Amy, Montana


I bought the hazelwood/amber mix necklace in a desperate last ditch attempt to help my son during his last set of teething (2 year molars). During every tooth before my son would get the WORST acid poo that within a day would end up as open bleeding sores on him. It was heartbreaking. I noticed a week straight of teething poo since he started wearing the necklace and not a single diaper rash. Not even any redness! For that reason alone I'm sold. But I noticed one day I took it off before his bath and forgot to put it on until late afternoon the next day, and he had the WORST runny nose that whole day, it was ridiculous. We put the necklace back on and he woke up the next morning and the runny nose was gone. I checked my son's mouth last night and ALL his 2 year molars are in. I can't even tell you how different of an experience this was than ALL of his other teeth. THANK YOU



We love hazelwood and the amber necklaces! I do not have any skin troubles, but wear the anklet and bracelet just because I think they are SO cute and am hoping they are helping in some way. :) However my son wears the amber teething necklace and I think it really helps. Also we noticed that the first time he flew he would scream from his ears hurting him when we would land. The second time he flew he just happened to be wearing his necklace and NO CRYING!! We have flown several times since w/ the necklace and not a peep out of him!!  We love your products!!!


I purchased a hazelwood necklace after someone told me her results of wearing one. I had sciatic nerve pain for 6 weeks with no relief. Was off my feet basically. After wearing it for a couple of days I couldn’t believe it! The pain had subsided.
Then I read about the amber necklaces so I purchased one of those. Man, that was more amazing! I wore the both of them . That was a couple months ago. The sciatic nerve pain is totally gone and my fibromyalgia--well, I don’t know if I have that anymore. I always wear my amber necklace and sometimes I wear the two of them. I am a jewelry designer and I started selling them along with my jewelry. I would recommend that anyone with any kind of pain purchase one of these amazing necklaces.
Deborah Naugler, Nova Scotia, Canada


I had heard about the Hazelwood necklaces on a forum. I had looked into and must admit I was skeptical, but intrigued. Plus, I didn’t think I needed it, my daughter had 4 teeth and no side effects except a little fussiness. Then tooth #5 came in and with it, a fever that lasted two and a half days. I gave her Tylenol at every opportunity just hoping it would make her feel better and bring the fever down. The Tylenol seemed to help her sleep, but the fever remained. As a mother I felt useless and hated giving her medicine every 4 hours. Then I remembered the necklace and told my husband it’s worth a shot. I bought the necklace and with tooth #6 no effects. She is currently in the process of two more teeth coming in and she hasn’t been fussy, no fever, and she sleeps during the night like she normally does. I have since told everyone I come in contact with about the necklace and I am very happy with the results. My husband and I now wear one and we have noticed we sleep better and our headaches are not as severe. 
Amanda, Illinois


Hello! I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU! I heard about your products at a childbirth class. The mother of a 4 month old was telling everyone about the amber necklaces and the amber/hazelwood combo and how great they have been for her little girl teething. We were giving our 7 month old daughter the max dose of teething tabs per day and some days stronger pain relievers too because she was so miserable and behaving so out of character.  I was very skeptical about the amber being as helpful as she claimed but was willing to try anything. And if nothing else, Piper would have a couple of very cute necklaces! Within a couple of hours of putting on the amber necklace I noticed a difference, within a couple of days other family members were noticing it too. After a few days the Hazelwood necklace worked beautifully on some eczema on her chin we had been battling.  Now she wears her Rose Quartz Hazelwood as a necklace and her Super butter amber as an anklet all the time and people adore them! I will be ordering more as shower gifts from now on. Thank you so much!
Alison, Arkansas



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