Our Experience

We get lots of testimonials, but the one that started it all was our own!

We'd always wished that we had managed to take some 'before and after' pictures of how the hazelwood impacted our daughter's symptoms, but it's not the kind of thing where you purposely allow your child's skin to get worse just to prove a point! But then one day, we had to take off her hazelwood jewelry for passport photos (for the move to Canada!). After just six hours without her necklace on, her eczema came back with a vengeance, and we finally had the foresight and opportunity to take some 'before' pictures so that we could document the effects of the hazelwood jewelry. So here are the results! Below are some images of our daughter’s eczema without her necklace on, and then after twenty-four and forty-eight hours later with it on. As you can see, the transformation is dramatic: 

Our Experience
Here’s what would happens if we removed our daughter’s necklace. Sometimes it would takes days, other times just hours for her skin to break out. Her condition involved a rash as well as the red bumps that are more visible in the picture. Her inner joints were usually affected in addition to her torso.


Our Experience

Wearing the hazelwood necklace (actually two necklaces in her case) for twenty-four hours. We also used the hazelwood zinc ointment and some coconut oil as a moisturizer. You can still see where the red bumps were, but they are on their way out. We would see this transformation every time we would take off her necklaces and forget to put them back on right away (our bad).  


Our Experience

Forty-eight hours after putting the necklaces on, her skin is almost completely clear. You can still see some scaliness where her skin was healing. We should have taken another shot at 72 hours to show her skin completely clear like it is normally but we didn’t get around to it. These images cover the bulk of the transformation. *These photos were not photoshopped in any way. We did however adjust the color balance to even her skin tone between the shots to accurately reflect the changes to her skin condition.

Other immediate family members have also had success in treating heartburn and ulcers using hazelwood.



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