Hazelaid Points Program

NEW - Find a display issue or typo anywhere on our website? Write us with a screenshot (and include the type of device & browser you were using at the time) and we will award you 300 Hazelaid Points! :)

1. To find the Hazelaid Points program, locate the little pink button at the bottom right of your screen that either has a Gift Icon and / or says 'Collect Hazelaid Points'. If you don't see it, you may need to scroll down slightly and wait a moment for it to appear. Here's what it looks like in the mobile view on your smartphone:

Loyalty Points Button - Mobile View


Here's what it looks like on your desktop or laptop computer: 

Loyalty Points Button - Desktop View


2. Tap on the 'Collect Hazelaid Points' button to open it up. If you haven't created an account yet you'll need to do so (tap 'Join now' or perhaps login to your existing account (tap 'Sign in'):

 Loyalty Points Menu - Login Page


3. Create your account by filling in this form:

Loyalty Points Menu - Create an Account


4. After you've created an account (or if you had one from before) and are logged in, you'll be shown how many Hazelaid Points you currently have:

Loyalty Points Menu - Your Point Total


 5. If you tap or click on 'Ways to earn' you'll see all of the ways you can earn more Hazelaid Points:

 Loyalty Points Menu - Ways to Earn


There are lots of ways to earn Hazelaid Points! :) We couldn't even fit them all in the screenshot above so here they are written-out for easy reference:

Open a Store Account +200 Hazelaid Points

Share on Facebook +100 Hazelaid Points

Share on Twitter +100 Hazelaid Points

Leave a Review on one of our Products +50 Hazelaid Points

Redeem on your Birthday +50 Hazelaid Points

Like on Facebook +25 Hazelaid Points

Follow on Twitter +25 Hazelaid Points

Follow on Instagram +25 Hazelaid Points

Make an Order +1 Hazelaid Point for every $1 spent

Locate a display issue on our website +300 Hazelaid Points (see note at top of page)

Refer a Friend +500 Hazelaid Points - See a screenshot below of what your referral link would look like (just scroll down on the Hazelaid Points menu home page, and you'll see it below 'All rewards'):

Loyalty Points Menu - Referral Code

*Note that the +500 Hazelaid Point referral bonus is awarded only when a purchase is made, and only on their initial purchase.*


6. Tap 'All rewards' to reveal the rewards you can spend your Hazelaid Points on, and how close you are to collecting a reward:

Loyalty Points Menu - All Rewards

Hazelaid Points can be redeemed for what are essentially gift card codes for $5, $10, or even $25 off a future purchase.

7. Each time you earn or spend new Hazelaid Points you'll receive emails from the system updating you on your new point total.

8. Participation is totally voluntary, and you are not required to make referrals or share about your purchases to earn Hazelaid Points (though that is an option within the system, it's 100% up to your discretion).

9. Any time you want to exit the Hazelaid Points menu just scroll back up and hit the little X in the upper right hand corner! :)

Have questions, comments, or issues with this program? Please let us know!