Co-op Purchases

Host a Co-op purchase in three easy steps!  
STEP ONE: Find at least two other people to form a qualified co-op (so at least three people total).
STEP TWO: Contact us for the full rules and a 20% CO-OP CODE that is unique to your group
STEP THREE: Put together an order of at least TEN items.  
You can place one large order and distribute the pieces yourself (however this won't work on orders outside of North America, use the option below)
give the code out to friends to use and we’ll ship to them directly, your choice!  Your code will be live for two weeks, let your friends know that if they would like to make additional purchases in that time they can use the code to save 20%.


NEW - North American co-op orders now qualify for free shipping! If an individual order using the co-op code includes 3 or more pieces the system will automatically award free shipping in the cart. :)