Using Discount Codes


Using discount codes and gift card codes is easier than ever! Once you're in the cart look to the right hand side and you'll find there's a column showing the price of the item. Just below that you'll see a spot to enter any discount or gift card code that you have:

NOTE - If you opt to checkout / pay with PayPal, there'll be a couple of pages of logging into your PayPal account and THEN you'll come back to this pictured page above and see the spot to but the discount code in. :)



If you're shopping on a mobile device, it'll be collapsed near the top, just hit the 'show order summary' button circled below to expand your order details and you'll see the same setup as above with the option to enter a code:


Enter it and hit 'Apply' and you should see your total update to the new amount:

Click 'Continue to the shipping method' to go to the next page and the total S&H will be added in:

Within North America it's going to be $2.99, unless you bought more than 3 items, in which case you'll probably automatically get free shipping. :)  Visit our Shipping Info page for more information.

Questions?  Please contact us!



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