Baltic Amber Honey for Teens & Adults

Want to try Baltic Amber without paying full price? We've dropped the price on this style of necklace to make it easier to give Baltic Amber a try and/or if finances are tight. Please don't order multiples of this item to resell, we want to keep it in stock for those who need it! :) It's OK to use a discount code, but please don't include in Co-Op purchases.

USE: Must be placed near the source of pain, directly on the skin.

STRENGTH: 8 out of 10

CONSTRUCTION: Bracelets and Anklets on elastic (no clasp). Necklaces on string (knotted between each bead) with a plastic twist clasp. *NOTE - We are transitioning the anklet from elastic to a clasp, once we have sold out of the elastics we'll start shipping out anklets with clasps.

VARIANCE: Typical bead size 4-5mm, but can range from 3 to 7mm, most necklaces taper slightly in bead diameter towards the ends. As always exact bead color and shape can vary slightly. These are handmade, size is within 1/2 inch.



CARE: Keep away from soaps and oils, clean with plain water.


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