Our Story


Hazelaid was born when our family first experienced the amazing properties of hazelwood jewelry. Made with pieces of wood from the hazelnut plant, this jewelry seems to have the unique property of alleviating acid-related illnesses when in contact with the skin, illnesses such as acid-reflux, heartburn, ulcers, and many types of eczema.

We first heard about this jewelry when our third child was very little and was suffering from eczema all over her body. We tried a whole bunch of things to alleviate her symptoms and nothing seemed to help. Finally a friend told us about how her son’s severe acid-reflux had been dramatically helped by wearing a hazelwood necklace and that it potentially could help with our daughter’s eczema since the root cause of both is often related to acidity in the body. We were skeptical but decided we had nothing to lose by giving it a try. 
Within a couple weeks of wearing the necklace her skin was dramatically improved and she was also spitting up a lot less. We were floored. Moreover, whenever we would take the necklace off for any reason, the eczema would flair back up, only to go down again after we put the necklace back on (click here to see before and after pics of our experience).
It was seriously like magic to us, as parents who otherwise felt so helpless, and we realized that people needed to know about this. Our customers are people just like us, parents of kids who have health issues and a desire to avoid relying *only* on heavy medications. If there is a natural solution out there, they want to know about it! :)

We launched our little online store in April of 2008, shipping just a few styles of hazelwood jewelry out of Portland, Oregon. Eventually we added Baltic amber jewelry as a similar natural relief product (historically Baltic amber is thought to act a lot like a natural Ibuprofen, relieving pain and inflammation, and is used by many of our customers as a teething pain remedy). Then in 2010 we moved to Montreal, Quebec and brought the business with us.

Today we carry over 700 unique sizes, colors, and styles of therapeutic jewelry and (thanks largely to our awesome customers!) the awareness about these products has been growing.

Have questions? We created a F.A.Q. that covers the most common questions we get. If you'd like to learn more about Hazelwood and the other products we carry such as Baltic Amber and Magnets, be sure to visit the 'About' pages for each of those using the navigation bar above. We offer lots of reading for you researching types. :)

If you can’t find the answer on our site, please email us!

All the Best,

Brian & Severine