Hazel-Amber Milk & Butter

USE: Must be placed directly on the skin and worn 24/7.

CONSTRUCTION: Made with nylon-coated steel wire, 100% natural hazelwood, Baltic amber beads, and silver plated zinc clasp or solid silver clasp (both lobster style opening) with a safety release. Slight variations in the diameter and color of the hazelwood beads. These are handmade, length is within 1/2 inch. Lead-free. WARNING! Small Parts hazard. Not intended for children under the age of three. Tap Here to Learn More

Customer Reviews

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Savanna M.
Excellent product

The products are all amazing. This is an exceptional company with wonderful customer service!

Manda R.

We got this whem my son was 3yrs old as an upgrade from the regular amber necklace. He loves it so much! He is now 4 & knows it has to come off before getting in the pool or tub and then when done immediately asks for it to be put back on! LOVE IT!

Bonnie D.
Love my Hazel-Amber!!

I just received my hazel-amber milk & butter necklace!! I love the style of my necklace and can't wait to see how our results are. My son has acid reflux and is on meds for the reflux so I'm really hoping our necklace helps with this and we can come off of them! I love the fact its a natural remedy and looks beautiful while battling acidity!!!!!


I love these necklaces! I buy them over and over. I love the combined effect of Hazelwood and Baltic Amber. Hazelaid is the only place I buy from.

Improvement in exczema

I bought this for my son, hoping to see an improvement in his eczema. He wears it 24/7, only takes it off for showers or pool time. Although eczema continues on his extremities the rash on his neck and face has greatly improved. I plan to get his a bracelet and anklet eventually. We love our necklaces!