Hazelwood Safety

Confused? Aren't these for babies?

Here's the deal: The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Health Canada Consumer Product Safety Program require that any item that could conceivably lose a part that would subsequently fit into the standardized small parts tester tube bear a small parts warning and age restriction.

We are obligated to use this warning as under certain environmental conditions hazelwood beads can crack and come loose from the jewelry. It's not common, but if it does occur, the hazelwood beads are 100% natural, non-toxic, and would be similar to any other small piece of wood your child may happen to find at the park and put into their mouths.

That said, we respect the right of parents to make up their own minds about what constitutes safe product choices for their children. We also want to fully comply with the law and make every effort for parents to make informed choices.

Safety is our top priority. All of our hazelwood necklaces are lead-free and designed with release mechanisms (which will trigger if the jewelry should get caught on something). If you have any further questions please contact us at contact@hazelaid.com or message us on Facebook or Instagram! :)