Children's Hazelwood Kit

This kit makes one child's hazelwood necklace, up to 13.5" long, if you use all the pieces.

*You can make a shorter necklace if you use less pieces and trim the wire.*

INCLUDED - Hazelwood beads, nylon-coated steel wire, silver-plated nickel clasp (lobster style), two end-rings, and four crimp beads.

NOT INCLUDED - Decorative beads (mandatory, otherwise hazelwood beads will pinch the skin of the wearer), jewelry construction tools, jewelry-making skills.

USE: Final product must be placed directly on the skin and worn 24/7.

VARIANCE: Slight variations in the diameter and color of the hazelwood beads (beads are thinner in the kids kit and thicker in the adult kit).

SAFETY RELEASE:  Not included in clasp, you must construct via the wire and crimps.

CARE: Keep on during bath and showers, but keep away from pool or spa chemicals. Avoid direct contact with lotions or creams if possible.

SAFETY NOTE:  Children  under the age of three shouldn't wear a necklace without adult supervision. Product may be worn around the leg during naps and night.

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