Hazel-Amber Honey Amber

USE: Must be placed directly on the skin and worn 24/7.

CONSTRUCTION: Made with nylon-coated steel wire, 100% natural hazelwood, Baltic amber beads, and silver plated zinc clasp or solid silver clasp (both lobster style opening) with a safety release. Slight variations in the diameter and color of the hazelwood beads. These are handmade, length is within 1/2 inch. Lead-free. WARNING! Small Parts hazard. Not intended for children under the age of three. Tap Here to Learn More

Customer Reviews

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Mellissa Y.

I have purchased several necklaces from this company over the past few years and I have loved the quality of them. Last week I order this necklace to try on my 3 year old who has eczema. I was so excited when it finally came that I put it on him as soon as he woke up from his nap. Sadly that necklaces only lasted 4 hours due to my son putting it in his mouth and biting it. I contacted Hazelaid asking if they could fix it or help me. They were so nice and went our of their way to help me. They gave me the opportunity to buy another at a discounted price. This time I got a smaller one. I am looking forward to seeing if it helps my son. Thank you again Hazelaid for going out of your way to help me.

Lezlie F.
Love! Would choose lobster clasp

Love this precious little necklace, and I think it’s been helpful for my baby’s skin. He had bad rashes for months that have been slowly clearing up since we got this. We take it off his neck and put it on his ankle at night. I did the barrel clasp difficult, especially if he’s squirmy. This we lost ours somewhere today. Ordering another with the lobster clasp right away.

Stephanie N.
Eczema reliefe

The only thing that took away my son’s eczema!

Worked great!

No one could have guessed that my infant was teething. This necklace helped so much. Sadly, it didn't hold up to his attempt to break it. Will definitely be buying a break away clasp next time.

Helping Silent Reflux

My 3 month old has pretty severe Silent Reflux. Zantac and Gripe Water certainly help but they are not enough and she will pretty much only eat when she's very sleepy or asleep. The Hazelwood helped a little at first but I found when I moved it to her ankle each night she would become uncomfortable so I'm now leaving it on her neck all the time, although Hazelaid does not recommend that. I also noticed recently that if I keep it wet all day she eats much better (although still only when sleepy/asleep). I hope now that I am being consistent with keeping it wet all day I will see even more improvement.