Blue Amazonite, Marble Howlite, & White Lava Gemstone Bracelets

USE: Place 1-2 drops of any essential oil onto one or more of the lava stones. These will absorb and diffuse the oil(s) allowing for continuous skin contact and aromatherapy. Reapply as necessary or desired. Some discoloration of the white lava beads is normal.

CONSTRUCTION: Natural Gemstones, Lava Stones, and decorative beads on elastic (no clasp). Typical bead diameter 7-8mm, but as always exact bead color and shape can vary slightly. These are handmade, size is within 1/2 inch. Lead-free.

**NOTE - If you also wear Baltic amber, be extremely careful not to expose the amber beads to any kind of oils (wear your amber bracelet on your other wrist).