Baltic Amber Asteroid

STRENGTH: 7 out of 10

POLISH: Semi (otherwise known popularly as 'Raw' amber)

CONSTRUCTION: Bracelets on elastic (no clasp). Necklaces & anklets on cotton string, knotted between each bead, with a plastic twist clasp. Earrings have silver-plated nickel clasps. Typical bead size 4-5mm, but can range from 3 to 7mm, most necklaces taper slightly in bead diameter towards the ends. As always exact bead color and shape can vary slightly. These are handmade, size is within 1/2 inch. Lead-free.

Customer Reviews

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My partner loves it

My partner loves the raw look, and each bead looks like a little rock. BUT after years of daily wear some of them have worn down, or the raw outside chipped off, and are now a much lighter yellow amber.

Alicia H.
Wonderful relief!

I convinced my husband to get these for back pain caused from bulging discs. I loves them! They really help take the edge of the pain!

Andrew C.

Purchased a necklace for the purpose of decreasing my cervical pain which stems from inflammation from degenerodisc disease. I was a little skeptical but needed something other than meds which tend to tear up my stomach. Come to find out the necklace worked wonders! Neck aches and pain nearly gone.

Jon m.

I lift, move, pick up, and deliver custom doors and windows all day- everyday. Quite heavy stuff. The muscles in my neck and upper back were so tight from the constant strain that knots kept forming and I was constantly in and out of chiropractor. Since wearing this exact necklace everyday my neck pain and muscle tightness is almost completely gone. I have typical, very slight soreness after a busy day but no pain and no knots! I have taken it off multiple times to see if I noticed a difference because initially I didn't think this would work. I noticed a huge difference. As a side note I bought them for all my little teething kiddos- huge difference in their moods, amount of drool, etc. Helps make them much more comfortable which makes mommy and daddy happy. A must buy.


Bought this for my husband who has been suffering neck pain for years. After wearing it, the pain got better. He loves it.
I wore his necklace once when I strained my neck. After a while, my neck felt normal. It's amazing !