The French Canadian Secret to Treating Reflux & Eczema

The French Canadian Secret To Treating Reflux & Eczema

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In the early 1980's, a few French Canadian families came across historical information about how the indigenous peoples of Quebec used to place wood chips from the beaked hazel plant on the chests of their children as they were experiencing teething pain and other discomfort. Contact with the wood reportedly soothed their symptoms and gave their children some natural relief.

Intrigued, these French Canadians sought to replicate the results with their own friends and family members who suffered from similar symptoms. Beaked hazel grows wild in Quebec to this day, so finding some to play around with wasn't a problem.

The French Canadian Secret To Treating Reflux & Eczema

As the story goes, after much experimenting they discovered that keeping hazelwood in contact with the skin 24/7 helped with pretty much any acid-related symptom, including teething pain, but also GERD and the associated reflux and heartburn, as well as ulcers and even some forms of eczema.

But for the next 25 years, this French Canadian secret remained very much that, a secret. A few small companies were formed around the product, making it into wearable therapeutic jewelry, but the product failed to leave the natural confines of the French culture, and was completely unknown in the US.

For a quarter of a century, almost no one outside of Quebec knew about this amazing discovery.

Fast forward to 2008 - Our family first learned about hazelwood jewelry and its potential through our connections in Quebec. Living in Oregon at the time, we created to help end the silence about this amazing wood and get it into the hands of people suffering from acid reflux (GERD) and the related symptoms, ulcers, and eczema.

We began importing Hazelwood Jewelry into the US, connecting with mom-bloggers, going to fairs, and selling hazelwood jewelry through a small website we made at home. Immediately, we started hearing back amazing stories from our customers! This is from a mom named Sharon in New York, about her family's battle with acid reflux: 

I have previously ordered (twice) and placed another order today. I have had such amazing results that I have now bought them for my daughter, grandson and mother. We all suffer from acid reflux. My daughter and grandson (8 years old) suffer from migraines and eczema. My grandson from psoriasis. Being skeptical I ordered for myself first and after unbelievable results ordered for them.I originally noticed the necklace in a picture sent to me by a friend of her baby wearing the necklace. When I commented how cute she looked in her “new jewelry” she told me what it was for (acid reflux, very bad eczema and teething). I immediately went on your site (supplied by my friend) and ordered for myself. She is now ordering for her husband as I have told them how well I have done with my acid reflux – he was also very skeptical – I was a good judge for him to base his trying them out.  I am now eating foods I have not touched in years, with NO ill effects at all.
Thanks for the help.
Sharon, New York 


Today, over seven years later, we help to get hazelwood into the hands of people all over the world, even down-under in Australia! This is from a mom named Sheelagh about her little boy's struggle with silent reflux:

I wanted to let you know how well my little boy has responded to the Hazelwood & Amber necklaces I bought from you for him. When he was born we had issues with colic and digestive discomfort from the very beginning. As he got older we saw mild improvement but when we started him on solids his pains came back. His sleep - which had never been particularly good! -  became incredibly bad. His day sleeps were very unsettled and at night he was waking every 1-2 hours, sometimes even every 40 minutes. The poor little guy had never managed to sleep longer than 4 hours in a row in his whole life and I was becoming so sleep deprived too. I was desperate for something to help him. I knew he was in pain but the nurses & doctors I spoke to said there was nothing wrong. I even had a nurse tell me that it was my parenting style that had created his poor sleep habits and my only resolution was to implement Controlled Crying. That was NEVER going to happen! A friend mentioned to me the possibility of my son suffering Silent Reflux, and as I researched the condition I stumbled upon your website. I thought, what have I got to lose? Not more sleep, that was for sure!! My order arrived in record time, making it from Canada to Australia in under 1 week. I put the necklaces on and he is a different child. I cannot express to you how grateful I am! I have gone from a child who would wake nearly every hour to a child who sleeps through the night in 5 days. My husband was a little skeptical but after 3 nights of undisturbed sleep in a row he was starting to come round.  After 5 nights he has said to buy some spare necklaces in case something happens to the ones we have!  Our son is so much happier and playful. I've never heard him laugh by himself before (we always had to make stupid faces & noises to get a belly laugh) but now he giggles away to himself all day. It's so beautiful to see. Thank you so very much.  I'll be recommending your products to everyone who will listen.
Kind Regards,
Sheelagh, Australia


Even more powerful have been the life-transformations of some of our customers who have had children with severe cases of Eczema, such as the stories that Chelsea and Amy sent us:


I have tears in my eyes as I write this. My little girl is 13 months old and has had severe, severe eczema and numerous skin infections since she was about 4 months old. Her skin has never been like a baby's, even with the extensive rub downs and different prescription treatments. No matter the weather, she has to always be in long pants to prevent her from scratching and opening her wounds and spreading them further. About 40-50% of her body was covered in thick, nasty scales. She has been wearing her hazelwood necklace for a week and a half now and her skin discoloration is gone.  Her scales have dramatically reduced in size and thickness. She is definitely not as itchy.  Her skin is clearing up and FINALLY, after 9 months of hell, looking how it should. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, TEN THOUSAND TIMES, THANK YOU! I will definitely keep coming back, seeing as we've tried EVERYTHING, and this is the only thing to work!
OK shock and awe is all I have to say. I was VERY VERY VERY skeptical that this would work at all and I think other people in my family still thinks its "something else" we did. But I am here to tell you it seems to be working wonders. The first time I used it I put the necklace around Luke's ankle at night while he slept. The next morning my husband and I noticed a drastic improvement. Later that day he did flare up a bit but we kept the necklace on and every morning since he wakes up almost completely eczema free. I cannot believe it. I am going to purchase more next week so I am never without one. I have a dermatologist appointment tomorrow and I think they are going to ask me WHAT ECZEMA??? THANK YOU THANK YOU for helping to relieve the discomfort of my 6 mth old baby boy!! I will post on the testimonials and on FB my miraculous results!!
Amy and Baby Luke, Florida


Today, research is being done in Quebec to understand how hazelwood interacts with the body, and why it helps with the symptoms that it does. The work is ongoing, but so far all signs are pointing to a massive antioxidant effect.

Our conclusion? EVERYONE should be wearing hazelwood 24/7. If it's able to help so visibly with these obvious symptoms, how much is it helping to invisibly curb the oxidation and inflammation in our bodies? With the highly acidic typical Western diet, we all need as much help as we can get!




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