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Reward Credit Program!

// FOR A LIMITED TIME: Post a review (good, bad, or ugly) on the bottom of the product page of any item you've tried from our shop and we'll manually credit you 50 points! :) 

One per customer, so no, you can't leave like 20 reviews and earn 1000 points, sorry. :(  But check out all the other ways you can earn points below! //


We polled our mailing list about starting a customer loyalty program and received back a massive positive response, so we're giving this a try! Read on for all of the details OR just click the tab at the bottom of the screen that says 'Earn Reward Credit' to get started!

1. First note that you must be viewing the website in desktop mode to participate, unfortunately the program seems to require a constant pop-up on mobile which is beyond annoying, so we disabled that feature. (You can still earn points shopping via mobile, as long as you make purchases always using the same email address.)

2. If you are viewing this page in desktop mode (not on a phone / tablet in mobile view) you should see a white tab at the bottom middle that says 'Earn Reward Credit'.

*If you're on a computer but still don't see it try making your window larger.

3. Click that you'll be presented with a pop-up with the opportunity to login, or if you're already logged in, two tabs, one that details the ways to earn Earn Points (shown first by default) and the second tab, if clicked, will reveal the Rewards. Below are a few screenshots of what each of these look like:


In sum, the ways to make points are to open an account (200 points), earn on purchases (1 point per $1 spent), share on Facebook and Twitter (100 points each, one time), on your birthday (50 points) and anytime makes a first-time purchase using your referral code, which is in the form of a 10% off discount code for your friends.

Here's a shot of what that page looks like with the detail:

Note that the +500 point referral bonus is awarded only when a purchase is made, and only on their initial purchase.

4. Accounts are now enabled on, allowing you to see your past orders (based on your email address). The pop-up will give you a link to click to create an account, or if you are already logged in, show you how many points you have.  

5. When logged in the REWARDS page will show you how many points you have left to go to earn a particular reward. You'll also see the option of 'Spending' your points to get gift card codes worth $5, $10, etc:

6. Note that you'll receive emails from the system updating you on your point total after a purchase at (in addition to emails about your order) and when you spend points.

7. Participation is totally voluntary, and you are not required to make referrals or share about your purchases to earn points (though that is an option within the system, it's up your discretion).

Have questions or comments about this program? We're still trying it out so please let us know!