Pet Issues

I foster dogs and I have one, Sadie (check out to see her), that has benefited from hazelwood!  
She had some major irritation on her neck - I am thinking from the collar she was wearing.  I tried Manuka Honey and Herb Pharm's "Trauma Oil", with some improvement.  Then, I spied my "old" hazelwood pieces, tossed those on her and added my "new" bracelet.  OMG - it's incredible!!
August 14th - just discovered:
Pet Issues
August 15th - after Manuka Honey (externally & internally):
Pet Issues
August 17th - after 2 days of "Trauma Oil" by Herb Pharm:
Pet Issues
August 19th - after 1+ full day of wearing an "old" hazelwood necklace & bracelet & 1 "new" bracelet:
Pet Issues
August 21st - after 3 days (24/7) of wearing hazelwood:
Pet Issues
I really do appreciate your help!
-Christy, CA


Just ordered a new bracelet/collar for my cat.  Every winter she gets a rash and scratches, get sores, loses her hair, etc.  Got her one last winter after her rash was really bad...within 2 days I noticed a difference, within about 2-3 weeks her fur grew back and her skin was perfect (this was after trying so many creams and lotions that were $$$$).  It’s time for a new cat one...she has started again.  Thank you so much.  Not sure how many cats you have testimonials from, but Chicky thanks you. :)
-Joy & Chicky


Our teacup Chihauhua (2 1/2 lb) scratches constantly; we rescued him so he has some issues form his past which may contribue.  Some things we try make a difference but do not cure him.  We feed grain-free food, fresh food, give coat supplements, keep him flea free natural ways, and wash him only with grandma's homemade soap or soaps that do not contain laurel sulfates, alcohol, etc.  I bought Martin a hazel-amber product to wear aroudn his neck.  His neck is only 7 inches.  This made a huge difference in the scratching, and he was more calm.  If we remove the hazel-amber, he begins to scratch again.  I thought you would want to know.
-Harriet & Martin


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