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CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS - Relief from Other Symptoms

I have breast cancer and am on an oral chemo pill.  One of the big side effects of this chemo pill is mouth sores (canker sores).  They appear on your tongue, your cheeks, your gums, all over your mouth.  I decided to give your hazelwood bracelet a try.  Ever since I put on the bracelet 5 months ago, I have not had a mouth sore.  One just appeared today, so I figured it was time to buy a new bracelet as perhaps mine had worn out.  It is a wonderful product and I have gotten much relief since putting it on.  Another side effect is itchy sores on my skin.  I have been using your hazelwood cream daily which eliminates the itching and the sores are usually gone in about a week. Great products!
Kathy, Minnesota


I received the necklaces I ordered from ya'll!  I was so excited to see how they looked.  They are awesome.  Ya'll do such a great job.  The main reason I ordered them was for my son.  He's 6 months old and has numerous unexplained health/behavioral issues. We've had a lot of testing, and tried several homeopathic remedies at the instruction of our Dr.  Nothing has helped.  When I read about all the wonderful qualities of hazelwood and amber I really wanted to see what it did for him.  I really expected it to take quite a few days before I noticed any difference (if any at all).  He wore his necklace all day long and he has been a different child.  He's calm and happy, content and alert (things he has never been in his 6 months of life). I wish we had tried this 4 months ago when we first noticed problems.  I also ordered necklaces for the rest of my family.  The jury is still out on me, I suffer from chronic migraines, so I'm giving it a week or two before I give it my thumbs up.  But so far I feel really good.  Thank you SO much!
Holly, Texas


Thank you so much! My daughter and I have been impressed with your products...in fact my daughter stopped wearing her necklace for a while then realized how unwell she felt and put it back on (along with mine – she wanted to feel well quick!!!) and hasn’t taken it off since. She used to wake up every morning sniffling and that seems to be gone!
Kylie, Australia


Thank you for your service, your responses have been quick, the products (as per catalogue) look great, the prices are awesome!! And your customer service has been terrific!  I do know lots of moms that have children who suffer from eczema, so I will make sure I pass along your site, and put in a good word. 
C. B., Alberta, Canada


Thank you so much for a wonderful product.  I received the necklace yesterday and my daughter was in bed about 4 hours after having it put on.  She slept for 7 straight hours which is unheard of for her.  Normally she'll sleep 2-3 hours and then wake crying and asking to nurse.  For the first time in almost TWO YEARS I slept more than 2 hours in a row. I've just ordered a necklace for myself and a backup necklace for my daughter.
SC, Connecticut
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