Are Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces Safe?

All of our Baltic amber teething necklaces have been specially designed and constructed with your child’s safety in mind. Each necklace consists of three parts: The baltic amber beads, the cotton string, and the plastic clasp.

The Baltic Amber Beads

Each Baltic amber bead is handcrafted by Lithuanian artisans, known locally as 'Masters', who carefully polish and round the shape of each bead so it rests gently against the skin. This ensures maximum skin contact and comfort:

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Workshop Bead Shaping Step

Baltic amber is a naturally occurring material (like silver or emeralds) and does not involve any chemical processes to produce. In the unlikely event that a bead should be ingested, amber is a non-toxic substance and is not harmful.


The Cotton String

The string in each of our amber necklaces and bracelets is knotted by hand in between each and every bead, so should the necklace break the rest of the beads will not scatter.


The Plastic Clasps

The necklaces fasten with a lead-free, plastic amber-colored clasp that opens and closes easily, which doubles as the safety-release mechanism. If a necklace were to get caught on something, the clasps are designed to either pop or break open when a certain amount of force is applied depending on the type of clasp you choose, of which we have two options, Pop and Twist:

Baltic Amber Teething Necklace - Twist Clasp Versus Pop Clasp


Pop Clasps - Will pop open if tugged on, so the safety mechanism is reusable, but they also come open much easier and this can sometimes lead to a lost necklace. 

Twist Clasps - Won't open if tugged, so are less likely to be lost, but with enough force will break open where the string meets the clasp. Please note that if the safety release is triggered, the necklace is no longer useable and is not repairable. However, we do offer an ‘at-cost’ replacement option should this occur, please contact us for details.

*Please note that due to changing regulations in the U.S. & Canada, we are phasing in a ‘Small Parts’ warning on the Baltic amber teething jewelry. It indicates that it should not be used for a child under the age of 3.



Here's the deal: The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Health Canada Consumer Product Safety Program require that any item fitting into the standardized small parts tester tube bear a small parts warning and age restriction. Currently ALL brands of Baltic amber teething jewelry on the market require this labeling (though most companies are still working to comply with this regulation).

We respect the right of parents to make up their own minds about what constitutes safe product choices for their children. We also want to fully comply with the law and make every effort for parents to make informed choices.

Please note that other than being a bit small when coiled, our items comply with all other regulations regarding children's jewelry in terms of safety. If you have any further questions please contact us at or message us on Facebook or Instagram! :)


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