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CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS - Relief from Ulcers, Heartburn, and Acid Reflux

I wanted to let you know how well my little boy has responded to the Hazelwood & Amber necklaces I bought from you for him.  When he was born we had issues with colic and digestive discomfort from the very beginning.  As he got older we saw mild improvement but when we started him on solids his pains came back.  His sleep - which had never been particularly good! -  became incredibly bad.  His day sleeps were very unsettled and at night he was waking every 1-2 hours, sometimes even every 40 minutes.  The poor little guy had never managed to sleep longer than 4 hours in a row in his whole life and I was becoming so sleep deprived too.  I was desperate for something to help him. I knew he was in pain but the nurses & doctors I spoke to said there was nothing wrong.  I even had a nurse tell me that it was my parenting style that had created his poor sleep habits and my only resolution was to implement Controlled Crying. That was NEVER going to happen!  A friend mentioned to me the possibility of my son suffering Silent Reflux, and as I researched the condition I stumbled upon your website.  I thought, what have I got to lose?  Not more sleep, that was for sure!!  My order arrived in record time, making it from Canada to Australia in under 1 week.  I put the necklaces on and he is a different child.  I cannot express to you how grateful I am!  I have gone from a child who would wake nearly every hour to a child who sleeps through the night in 5 days.  My husband was a little skeptical but after 3 nights of undisturbed sleep in a row he was starting to come round.  After 5 nights he has said to buy some spare necklaces in case something happens to the ones we have!  Our son is so much happier and playful.  I've never heard him laugh by himself before (we always had to make stupid faces & noises to get a belly laugh) but now he giggles away to himself all day.  It's so beautiful to see.  Thank you so very much.  I'll be recommending your products to everyone who will listen.
Kind Regards,
Sheelagh, Australia


This is actually my second time ordering.  I ordered the Amber Necklace and the Hazelwood and Magnetic bracelet last time and ADORE them!!  I've never had anything help with my excessive acid like this!  I wasn't even able to go to the store or out to the park with my son without worrying about running to the bathroom because of an upset stomach due to acid.  These took care of that problem completely.  I have been able to eat and go out with my family without the worry of where the closest bathroom is for the first time in 7 years!!!!  My bracelet is now losing it's affect, so time for a new one :-)  The poor flesh of the wood is all completely black!!  I also ordered one for my Dad this time :-)  I was referred to you all from a friend for my headaches.  It helped with that, but the help with my stomach is priceless!  And your prices are wonderful, not only is your jewelry helpful, but it's beautiful too.  My Dad saw my bracelet and the super-magnet that holds it together and I just had to get one for him!  He's lost every magnetic bracelet he's had because the clasps break, you definitely don't have to worry about that with these!!  They are strong and beautiful, thank you so much for that!
I've recommended them to so many people now!!  I know my mother’s best friend ordered for almost everyone for Christmas from you because of my recommendation!  Thanks for the products!!!  You make my life so much easier and happier!
Angela, West Virginia 


I LOVE my 20” necklace!
I have had it about 2-3 weeks.
I have not had acid reflux since I started wearing it.
I had a bit of indigestion just one evening and that didn't last long.
Constance, Kansas


I have previously ordered (twice) and placed another order today.  I have had such amazing results that I have now bought them for my daughter, grandson and mother.  We all suffer from acid reflux.  My daughter and grandson (8 years old) suffer from migraines and eczema.  My grandson from psoriasis.  Being skeptical I ordered for myself first and after unbelievable results ordered for them.  
I originally noticed the necklace in a picture sent to me by a friend of her baby wearing the necklace.  When I commented how cute she looked in her “new jewelry” she told me what it was for (acid reflux, very bad eczema and teething).  I immediately went on your site (supplied by my friend) and ordered for myself.  She is now ordering for her husband as I have told them how well I have done with my acid reflux – he was also very skeptical – I was a good judge for him to base his trying them out.  I am now eating foods I have not touched in years, with NO ill effects at all.
Thanks for the help.
Sharon, New York 


Thank you so much. You have been so helpful and you have great customer service! I am very happy I found you! And yes my son has been spitting up a lot less. It seems his tummy problems have gone away as well. I showed the necklace to my his Dr. yesterday and he was very intrigued. Told me to let him know how it goes with it.
Danielle, Minnesota


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