Adult's Hazelwood Kit

This kit makes one adult sized hazelwood necklace, up to 20" long, if you use all the pieces.

*You can make a shorter necklace if you use less pieces and trim the wire.*

Hazelwood beads are approximately 14mm in length and available in diameters of approximately 3mm or 6mm.

INCLUDED - Hazelwood beads, nylon-coated steel wire, silver-plated nickel zinc (lobster style), two end-rings, and four crimp beads. Lead-free.

NOT INCLUDED - Instructions, decorative beads (mandatory, otherwise hazelwood beads will pinch the skin of the wearer), jewelry construction tools, jewelry-making skills.

USE: Final product must be placed directly on the skin and worn 24/7.

VARIANCE: Slight variations in the diameter and color of the hazelwood beads (beads are thinner in the kids kit and thicker in the adult kit).

SAFETY RELEASE: Not included in clasp, you must construct via the wire and crimps.

CARE: Keep on during bath and showers, but keep away from pool or spa chemicals. Avoid direct contact with lotions or creams if possible.


Customer Reviews

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My daughter made her own...

16" design necklace with this kit and some semi-precious beads she inherited from her great-grandmother. It's beautiful and I wish I could post a pic here to show. She used clear, rose, and smokey quartz beads in a lovely pattern. Best of all, though, is that overnight an eczema patch on the rim of her ear that had been there nearly a year cleared overnight. It's just a little pink, but very smooth, where it had been red, flaky and itchy. She also gets irritations on her inner elbows and knees, but they come and go while the ear just wouldn't clear for the longest time. She is so happy and said her necklace was very comfortable to sleep with, and she wears a 14" milk and butter amber necklace along with it for allergies, but it was originally bought to help with her wisdom teeth coming in, which it did very well.

Marlise G.
create your own design

I really like the adult kit. In fact , I am ordering another to make a bracelet. I wore a baltic amber and a hazelwood (2 necklaces, and at the same time) on a recent strenuous trip and feel that my allergies and arthritis were much better tolerated.