Baltic Amber Milk & Honey

STRENGTH: 9 out of 10


CONSTRUCTION: Safety release, cotton string knotted between each bead, plastic amber-colored twist clasp or pop clasp (choose your preferred clasp style along with the size in the dropdown below). Typical bead size 3-4mm, most necklaces taper slightly in bead diameter towards the ends. Exact bead color and shape can vary slightly. These are handmade, size is within 1/2 inch. Lead-free. WARNING! Small Parts hazard. Not intended for children under the age of three. Tap Here to Learn More

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Skeptic gone believer

At first I was honestly skeptical as to if this necklace would work, but I decided to try it after 2 sleepless nights. The first night baby girl’s sleep went back to her normal! The second night she did wake up more but was much more consolable than the nights previously when she wasn’t wearing the necklace (I wrap it loosely around her ankle for night time)! She is getting her first top tooth so I did not expect all discomfort to go away completely, as I can imagine the first tooth to break through is the worst. I will definitely continuing using this necklace through her teething months!


We used this particular necklace for our second daughter. I was having to give her pain meds and tried everything (doctor recommended and home remedies) to help with the pain, to no avail. I finally decided to give this a try. We purchased one and it was the first good night sleep she had had in a week or more. We ended up purchasing two total to get her through the teething years. Since then I have recommended them to NUMEROUS people and they too have had success. Very thankful for these products and this necklace in particular! Thank you Hazelaid!!

Jamie P.
Good product

The pop clasp was pretty difficult for taking it on and off every night but it was made strong as not to fall off. I ordered a 12 inch pop class for my infant and it worked perfectly. I am just about to purchase another one! This time I'm going to try the twist clasp to see if its a bit easier to get on and off. Overall happy with the product.

Great Company

I've heard so many good things about this site and their products!

Still have hope

I was back and fourth on whether or not I wanted to buy it. Well I finally did. It's been about a month now that my daughter has worn it skin contact only! I make sure of that. My daughter is 6 months old now and has been having the worth time teething since 2-3 months. I had very high hopes for this. Unfortunately, I do not see a difference with her teething while wearing this necklace.
I have never taken it off unless we are in the bath. At night I wrap it around her ankle.
Her first tooth has not come through yet. And I'm thinking it's just the most painful one. I have hopes that when this first tooth breaks she will be able to get some relief when others come through while wearing this necklace.

Hi Danielle,

It sounds like you're doing everything right, yes hopefully you'll see more of a difference after she's through the worst of it. At the high points of teething where things are the worst it's harder to tell if the necklace is helping or not because they're still not sleeping though the night. :/ It may be helping it from being worse than it would be but it still only going to be taking the edge off. Keep doing what you're doing! And please let us know if you have any other questions or need anything else. :)

Thanks again,