Pure Hazelwood (TM) Collection

Pure Hazelwood (TM) is the largest manufacturer of hazelwood products in the world. We got our start here at Hazelaid.com wholesaling their jewelry and have continued to have an amazing relationship with them over the years. Recently they've begun printing their materials in English and so you'll see Pure Hazelwood branding on their styles and colors. Though the packaging will look different, the jewelry will continue to be of the same quality and authenticity as we have always offered.

Depending on which menu you navitaged through, you'll see the children's items below, or the adult. To see everything at once click here. In the 'All' view children's sizes are listed first, then teen and adult styles / sizes. Bracelets and anklets follow the necklaces, and the Hazelwood Zinc Ointment is also a part of the Pure Hazelwood Collection, you'll find it at the bottom. Some product styles include gemstones and are noted within the individual listing. You will continue to find all of these styles mixed into our regular hazelwood collections as well.

*We carry several exclusive styles made especially for us by Pure Hazelwood, available only at Hazelaid.com!*