Organic Soap Berry Sample

ABOUT: Organic Soap Berries are the dried fruit of the Sapindus Mukorossi, a tree found primarily in the Himalayas.  The nut itself is actually removed, and it isn't actually even a nut, it's a pit (hence the reason we're shifting over to using the term 'Soap Berries', for clarity).  Since it's not a nut there are no issues with nut allergies. The fruit is then dried in the sun. The shell of the soap berry contains saponin which works as a natural detergent, great for folks with sensitive skin issues, baby clothes, and cloth diapers. They are a 100% natural without any harsh chemicals, and won't hurt your washing machine. They're low sudsing so they are great for high-efficiency (HE, or front-loading) washers.

WASH INSTRUCTIONS: T o do a wash, put four whole berries (eight halves) into a cotton wash bag and smash it a few times (with the sample we've done this step for you).  Crushing the berries helps to expose the inside to the water. Depending on if you have a front loader or not, either toss the wash bag into the washer and run a bit of hot water, or put it into a cup of hot water for a minute while you load the laundry, the heat will help to activate them. After that just run the wash like normal. When it's time to put your items into the dryer you don't have to dig through all those wet clothes to find the cotton bag, it can safely go into the dryer and be retrieved later. 

After 3-4 washes you'll note that the berries will have shrunk and be less springy just by feeling them through the bag. The shells that are depleted will be thin and dry with no shiny pockets of saponin left in the center. You'll want to replace them at that point. The old berries are compostable. Soap berries are natural so there are no added fragrances, however they do have have a mild vinegar-like scent to them (most notable when you first open the bag). If you prefer a fragrance you can add 10 drops of your favorite essential oil directly on the cotton wash bag before you toss it in the wash. But even if you don't your clothes won't have a bad smell to them when they're dry, they'll just smell like clothes.

Still have questions?  To learn more, visit our ' All About Soap Berries' page.  

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