Mommy Necklace - 32" Silicone Blue Owl Necklace

USE: Stylish AND safe around little ones, while holding or nursing.

CONSTRUCTION: Silicone Owl on a nylon string and a plastic breakaway clasp. 

WEAR: At 32" they are designed to rest midway down the average torso.

DETAIL: Mommy style necklaces are intended for adult wear only. They are not designed to be a used as a teething toy, however they are constructed using silicone that is tested:

- Non-Toxic

- BPA-Free

- Lead-Free

and therefore are safe should they find their way into any little mouths, as well as for continuous wear on bare skin.

Each necklace is constructed with a break-away clasp to protect your jewelry, if tugged by little hands or if caught on something in your environment.


CARE: Keep away from soaps and oils, clean with plain water.

SAFETY NOTE: These are intended for adults and should not be given to children to wear or handle on their own. We inspect all our products, but your safety is important to us! Please do a final inspection for damage and/or sharp edges before wearing. :)

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