Hazel-Gemstone Red Malachite

NOTE - 'Red Malachite' is different than true 'Green Malachite'. The 'Red' is actually a kind of banded Jasper gemstone, hence there are no health concerns with copper sulphates (like you'd find with Green Malachite).

USE:  Must be placed directly on the skin and worn 24/7.

CONSTRUCTION: Made with nylon-coated steel wire, 100% natural hazelwood, natural gemstones, and silver plated nickel clasp (lobster style opening) with a safety release. Slight variations in the diameter and color of the hazelwood beads. These are handmade, length is within 1/2 inch.

SAFETY NOTE:  Children  under the age of three shouldn't wear a necklace without adult supervision. Product may be worn around the leg during naps and night.

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