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Pain Issues

CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS - Relief from Pain, Teething, Headaches, Migraines

hello!  I love hazelaid and I have told many many people about you.  They have all been equally as pleased with your products and service.  I was skeptical when someone first told me about baltic amber necklaces, thinking that there was no way a necklace could help with teething.  But I thought it was cute anyways, so I'd give it a try.  My daughter got her first 2 teeth on the same day at four months and was so crabby.  When I saw the teeth, I immediately put the necklace on! This pic was taken when she was 8 months.  Now she's 14 months and has 12 teeth, including 4 molars.  She's never had a fever or diarrhea from her teeth, and pretty much has made no fuss.  When the molars started popping out I switched to a new necklace in case it might be stronger and I had a few in stock (because I live in Nepal!  So I buy more than one at a time to have back ups!). Anyways, I saw on your facebook page that you were asking people to submit photos.  I wasn't sure how to do that via facebook so I am emailing it.  I will tell my friends to submit theirs too if you tell me how you want them submitted.  Thank you Hazelaid!  PS I didn't realize until today that you were a small family business. Now I like you even more! :)

Heather, Nepal


My husband said he can almost make a fist lately, after wearing your hazelwood/amber bracelet (with small hematite beads); he has not been able to make a fist with his stiff ring finger for several months.  He works with his hands; it’s been hard.  This makes us very happy.  My arthritis in my fingers and wrist has been largely absent since I’ve worn my Hazelaid amber bracelet.   I will, at some point, be ordering another bracelet from you for my other wrist.  My children both are wearing hazelwood necklaces and their sensitive skin seems to be smoothing.  That’s lovely; it’s so hard to see your little ones with skin issues.  My own Hazelaid amber necklace is beautiful, functional and helpful, I think, with reducing muscle tension pain, and therefore, headache pain.  I even notice a feeling of wellness—an absence of some of the niggling pains I had accepted as the cost of getting older.  That was unanticipated.  I am looking forward to my new Amber Island necklace coming so I might have a little “dressier” one for date night.  J  Frankly, I don’t want to lose the amber’s benefits by even taking it off for a few hours.  I love all our family’s Hazelaid and Amber Island jewelry; I greatly appreciate the efficiency of form and function combined.  And—they please my eyes.  Thank you. Thank you from my family, to yours—

Amy, Montana

Hi, our son's story is a bit different from what I have read here, Dawson is almost 5 y/o and has suffered from severe joint pain his whole life. We have seen about 40 different Dr's/specialists from all over and not 1 dr can tell us why he is in so much pain all the time. A few weeks ago I was on a blog and read about your amber necklaces and figured it was a long shot but we had to try, we received his necklace within 4 days of ordering it and he has been wearing it 24/7 since (exp for bath time), I am so happy to say that he has been PAIN FREE since putting it on 2 weeks ago. This is the longest stint he has ever been pain free in his life. :)


I bought the hazelwood/amber mix necklace in a desperate last ditch attempt to help my son during his last set of teething (2 year molars). During every tooth before my son would get the WORST acid poo that within a day would end up as open bleeding sores on him. It was heartbreaking. I noticed a week straight of teething poo since he started wearing the necklace and not a single diaper rash. Not even any redness! For that reason alone I'm sold. But I noticed one day I took it off before his bath and forgot to put it on until late afternoon the next day, and he had the WORST runny nose that whole day, it was ridiculous. We put the necklace back on and he woke up the next morning and the runny nose was gone. I checked my son's mouth last night and ALL his 2 year molars are in. I can't even tell you how different of an experience this was than ALL of his other teeth. THANK YOU


My son has a beautiful amber necklace. We put it around his ankle for sleeping and he's been wearing it since we got it. His first teeth came in without me even realizing he was teething. Suddenly he just had two cute little white teeth through. He now has 6 teeth total and it's been a breeze! He gets compliments on it all the time which has prompted daddy to ask for a matching one.

We love hazelwood and the amber necklaces! I do not have any skin troubles, but wear the anklet and bracelet just because I think they are SO cute and am hoping they are helping in some way. :) However my son wears the amber teething necklace and I think it really helps. Also we noticed that the first time he flew he would scream from his ears hurting him when we would land. The second time he flew he just happened to be wearing his necklace and NO CRYING!! We have flown several times since w/ the necklace and not a peep out of him!!  We love your products!!!

I have had chronic headaches for years now, for the past year I have had them for 2-3 days about once a week. I was at the point where over the counter medicine wasn’t working anymore and didn't know what to do. I heard about Hazelaid from my best friend that has two children and has started doing everything naturally, she saw these necklaces on a baby website and told me I should give this a try. I received my necklace on a Friday and knew I was about to get another headache in a few days since that time of the month was in two days, so I put the necklace on as soon as I could get it out of the bag. Two days later I was a believer of this product, I didn't have a single cramp and my headaches never showed up either. I have been wearing my necklace everyday and night since then and I haven't had a headache in about a month! I also have more energy, I feel like I did two years ago before the headaches started taking over my life. I have recently ordered 3 more necklaces and a bracelet so I can be sure to have my amber on at all times. I am getting ready to start a new career and now I can do it with confidence that I won't have to schedule my clients worrying I will have to cancel! I tell everyone I know about the powers of my amber beads!!
Ashley, Oklahoma

I purchased a hazelwood necklace after someone told me her results of wearing one. I had sciatic nerve pain for 6 weeks with no relief. Was off my feet basically. After wearing it for a couple of days I couldn’t believe it! The pain had subsided.
Then I read about the amber necklaces so I purchased one of those. Man, that was more amazing! I wore the both of them . That was a couple months ago. The sciatic nerve pain is totally gone and my fibromyalgia--well, I don’t know if I have that anymore. I always wear my amber necklace and sometimes I wear the two of them. I am a jewelry designer and I started selling them along with my jewelry. I would recommend that anyone with any kind of pain purchase one of these amazing necklaces.
Deborah Naugler, Nova Scotia, Canada

I had heard about the Hazelwood necklaces on a forum. I had looked into and must admit I was skeptical, but intrigued. Plus, I didn’t think I needed it, my daughter had 4 teeth and no side effects except a little fussiness. Then tooth #5 came in and with it, a fever that lasted two and a half days. I gave her Tylenol at every opportunity just hoping it would make her feel better and bring the fever down. The Tylenol seemed to help her sleep, but the fever remained. As a mother I felt useless and hated giving her medicine every 4 hours. Then I remembered the necklace and told my husband it’s worth a shot. I bought the necklace and with tooth #6 no effects. She is currently in the process of two more teeth coming in and she hasn’t been fussy, no fever, and she sleeps during the night like she normally does. I have since told everyone I come in contact with about the necklace and I am very happy with the results. My husband and I now wear one and we have noticed we sleep better and our headaches are not as severe. 
Amanda, Illinois

Hello! I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU! I heard about your products at a childbirth class. The mother of a 4 month old was telling everyone about the amber necklaces and the amber/hazelwood combo and how great they have been for her little girl teething. We were giving our 7 month old daughter the max dose of teething tabs per day and some days stronger pain relievers too because she was so miserable and behaving so out of character.  I was very skeptical about the amber being as helpful as she claimed but was willing to try anything. And if nothing else, Piper would have a couple of very cute necklaces! Within a couple of hours of putting on the amber necklace I noticed a difference, within a couple of days other family members were noticing it too. After a few days the Hazelwood necklace worked beautifully on some eczema on her chin we had been battling.  Now she wears her Rose Quartz Hazelwood as a necklace and her Super butter amber as an anklet all the time and people adore them! I will be ordering more as shower gifts from now on. Thank you so much!
Alison, Arkansas