NEW! After many, many requests, we have finally worked out a deal to offer unmade hazelwood kits for crafty folk who want to create their own hazelwood necklaces using decorative beads of their choice. Each kit comes with pre-drilled hazelwood beads, wire, and all the necessary parts to complete the necklace, other than the decorative beads.

NOTE - You must use some sort of bead in between the flat-edged hazelwood pieces or they will come together and pinch your skin! We don't provide instructions on how to make these, they are for experienced jewelry-makers so we assume that you know what you're doing if you get one of these kits. :)

**If you are making a necklace for a child, please make sure that you assemble the end so that it can come loose if pulled with some force! If you already have a child's hazelwood necklace you can inspect how that's done, but we don't provide specific instructions on how to achieve this due to liability reasons.**

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