Turquoise Bracelet Promo Page


This page helpfully lists the items that qualify you to receive a free turquoise hazelwood bracelet, a value of $16.95! Please carefully review all of the details below.

HOW TO PARTICIPATE - Simply add one of the items featured below (on this page or the next) to your cart and you should see a popup window appear. There may be some ebook options on there but ignore those and look for the bracelet. It should allow you to choose which size bracelet you'd like (7" or 8") and then click to add it to your cart. Additional notes:

1. YOU MUST 'ADD TO CART' and successfully see the promo bracelet in your cart when you check out or you will not receive one. Please check your order carefully to ensure the bracelet is in the cart before checking out! :)

2. Only the hazelwood products on this page qualify for this promotion. Amber jewelry doesn't qualify, only the items on this page (though some of these do have amber beads in them, that's fine, as long as they are in / on this collection page).

3. Limit one per customer, the quantity will remain locked at '1' in the cart

4. Subject to availability, we may run out at any time.

5. If you remove the qualifying item from your cart, the bracelet will automatically be removed.

6. Some views of the website allow you to click a plus symbol in a circle to begin to add a product to your cart without actually going in to view the product page. Because this uses a popup you won't be able to see the promo popup.  Remove the item from your cart and go into the product page itself by clicking on the name or picture. Add the product from there and that should work.

If still you have any trouble getting it to work, the size you want, or if you have any other questions about this promotion that are not answered in the above, please contact us!